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How Does Home Staging Work?

When you are looking to sell your home, there can be so many questions!

Where do you start? What is necessary? What isn’t necessary?

When it comes to home staging, let me help clarify how this process works.


If you are going to be living in the home while you are listing it, there is a process for you!

The first step is contacting a home staging company like Saved by Grace Home Staging and Design, LLC. to come out and give you an estimate for staging your occupied home.

They will walk through the home and see what key elements that they can bring to highlight your home's best features.

If your home will be vacant, there will be some key questions that will need to be addressed.

  • Which rooms are you wanting to be staged?

  • Does your realtor have a preference on which rooms they think you should stage?

  • Are there any spaces where a buyer might be confused on what could fit in the room and what the room could be used for?

This will all be helpful information for the home stager to know as they give you a quote based on these answers.


Once they have collected all the information that they need, the next step is to work up a proposal.

  • What items are needed?

  • How much will it cost for the stager to bring in the items?

  • Does the stager need to hire movers to get the job done?

All of this will play a factor in the proposal that they send you.

Some staging companies work differently and will have a base price for each staging service, while other stagers will rent out by the furniture pieces needed and so on.

Some companies will ask for a deposit to be put down once you accept the proposed amount for them to hold the pieces of furniture or accessories that they will need to stage your property.


Once you and your staging company have agreed upon the needs of the home and the price for their services, they will be able to set a date for installation.

Now, the amount of time needed for the installation could vary depending on how much of the home that they are staging, if it is a vacant property or an occupied property, and so on…

Most staging installations will be completed within the day and it could be three or so hours once everything is inside the home.

It is important to remember that staging takes time and things like hanging artwork and placing accessories can take up a good amount of the installation period.

It is important to give your staging company the space to do the installation properly and ask for updates once completed.


Lastly, once the home has sold and you are getting ready to close on the property, it's time for pickup!

The staging company will come back and pack up all the items that they have brought in.

They will send you updates once everything is out of the home and it is all locked up and ready for the new homeowners.

In Summary

From the walkthrough to the proposal, to the installation and pickup, which is how home staging works.

Looking for an expert that understands that process and does it exceptionally well?

Get in touch with us! We’d be more than happy to help with your home staging project.

Blessings to you,

Lindsey Jo, M.B.A.

Saved by Grace Home Staging & Design, LLC. (owner)

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