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3 Reasons Why I Love Home Staging

Maybe you have heard someone say “home staging” and thought to yourself, what the heck is that? Home staging is basically marketing on a larger scale. Instead of a postcard or a flyer, your home is an experience! Thats right! An experience! Whether its a good one or not…

In this post I will walk you through the three main reasons why I love home staging!

  1. Time to Shine

  2. Shows Potential

  3. Creates an Experience

Keep reading to find out why these three keys are so important!

1. It allows the home to shine! I can't tell you how many dated curtains that I have taken down. Listen, your home is amazing, I mean it has served you right? We want someone else to make great memories there too and staging allows the wheels to start turning. After I finish every staging, I send pictures to the homeowner or agent and my favorite thing is to see their reactions. Here are a few:

“It looks amazing!! You are making our house look expensive!” Homeowner (Vacant Stage)

“This is fantastic!!!” Realtor (Vacant Staging for a house that had been on the market for months!!)

“She worked a miracle in our house and I appreciate all of her hard work.” Homeowner (Occupied Staging)

2. Shows potential. Not all interior design is created equal…AKA, your style might not be the new buyers style…shocking, I know… Home staging shows that the home could handle different styles, even if the kitchen is outdated! As an example, I just had a staging not too long ago that the house was mostly outdated, it had been on the market since early spring (its now October). The seller just wanted to get the house sold, ended up switching realtors and then she convinced him to bring in me! They received multiple offers on THE FIRST DAY!! What was the difference? The house was the same house! No new paint or flooring…It was because it was staged to show what it could be, not what it was.

3. Creates an experience. I LOVE walking through a stage once my team and I are finished. Why? Because I get a glimpse of what a buyer will feel when they walk into the spaces. Feel is SO important. It needs to feel effortless, weightless, welcoming and cozy. We want buyers to fall in love with your home and know that they are getting something special and we want them to see themselves enjoy some of the spaces like you have!

Some people see my staging and want that same feel at home! You can do that, it is possible!

To help these clients, I do offer interior design services where I can go shopping with you or for you! Call or text me at 612-772-9960 or email at

Here is a jump start:

Ask yourself these 4 questions:

  • What is the purpose of this room?

  • What lifestyle activities need to be accommodated here?

  • How do I want to feel in this room? How do I want my family members or visitors to feel in this space?

  • What is my budget?

Remember, that beautiful and functional rooms are well thought out and not just pieces thrown in to “do the job.”

In summary, home staging is used as a tool to market your home! It allows the home to shine. shows its potential, and creates an experience! Its the way that I can help sellers put their best foot forward!

If you would like to inquire about the home staging services that we offer, check out!

Blessings, Lindsey Jo


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