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Online Home Staging Consultation

Virtual Staging Consultation for Homes in the Minneapolis Area


Online Consultation for Home Staging in Minneapolis

Transform your home and attract buyers faster with our online home staging consultation!

What's Included: Our online consultation provides you with a customized list of the items that you need to do in order to get your home ready for the market!  These may be suggestions on furniture placement and adding accessories in order to make your home stand out when it comes to selling time! 

What to Submit: Simply send us four pictures (0.5 angle) of each room (one from each corner of the room) and a video walkthrough. We'll take care of it from there!


Why Home Staging Companies Matter

Metrics from The National Association of REALTORS 2019 Profile of Home Staging


of buyers' agents say that staging makes it easier for buyers to 'visualize' the property as their future home


of sellers' agents say that staging a home decreases the amount of time a home spends on the market


of buyers' agents cited that home staging had an effect on most buyers' view of the home

Minneapolis Home Staging FAQs

What to expect from home staging?

Home staging makes the home more appealing and helps buyers visualize living there by arranging furniture, adding decor, and depersonalizing spaces. 

What's a home staging consultation checklist?

A home staging consultation checklist includes evaluating curb appeal, decluttering, cleaning, making minor repairs, arranging furniture, and enhancing lighting.

How much do home stagers charge?

Home staging costs vary, typically ranging from $300-$500 for a home staging consultation.

But you can save money and effort by scheduling our online home staging consultation and list for only $250!

What if I don't have the items on the checklist?

Don't worry! That is why we are here! We will make specific suggestions and send photos of the items that we suggest for you to purchase if needed and it takes all of the guessing out! 

How does staging homes help me sell faster?

Staged homes sell faster by looking more attractive and spacious, highlighting the home's best features, and allowing buyers to envision themselves in the space.

Are real estate stagers worth the investment?

Real estate stagers are worth the $250 investment as they can help homes sell faster and for higher prices, and it increases marketability.


Virtual Home Staging Consultation

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