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It's All About the Client

I actually went to school for business. I originally wanted to go to school for interior design but it was going to be $80,000 for me to earn my bachelors in interior design from the art institute. So I switched gears, because it was in the middle of the 2007 recession and I was afraid to put all of my eggs in one basket....

I switched gears and headed off to school for business. But you know what? I didn't waste my time at all! Not only did I give myself an opportunity to learn and grow, I learned what matters most, and that is customer service. Its more important to serve a client well, than it is to perform the service. Because you could perform a great service but the service that was provided might not have been what the client really wanted. So I go above and beyond for my clients, because I want them to be happy, yes. I also want to genuinely help them. This is my way of serving and helping others.

So yeah, I went to school for business, went on to complete my masters of business administration with an emphasis in international business. I have worn many hats and like to do many things. The thing is, none of my time has been wasted. I am thankful for every experience that I have had as it has only helped me become better and more equipped to serve those that I come into contact with.

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