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How Much Does Home Staging Cost?

It depends! Great answer, right?! Every home’s needs are different.

Whether the home is occupied or vacant it is important to keep in mind that not all home staging costs are the same.

First, we will need to address what home staging is and why you should stage!

Home staging is a way to put forth your best first impression on potential buyers.

It allows the stager to bring in furniture and accessories to help buyers see what the home could be.

It highlights the architectural features of the home and defines spaces that otherwise could be hard for a potential buyer to envision.

According to the National Association of Realtors, “Eighty-three percent of buyers’ agents said staging a home made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home” (2019).

It can also help the home to sell for more money. “One-quarter of buyers’ agents said that staging a home increased the dollar value offered between one and five percent, compared to other similar homes on the market that were not staged” (NAR, 2019).

So not only can staging help put your best foot forward, but it can also actually help the home sell for more money. It can even help the home sell faster as well.

Why pay extra mortgage payments if you don’t have to?

We talked about what home staging is and what it does, so let’s talk about price.

Vacant home staging can range from $1,800 (for the main four rooms: living room, kitchen, dining room, and master bed/bath) and up depending on the size and needs of the home.

Staging the living room was found to be the most important for buyers (47%), followed by staging the master bedroom (42 percent) and staging the kitchen (35%)” (NAR, 2019).

When it comes to occupied staging, when the homeowner is staying in the home during the selling process, this can start around $1,200 for accessories throughout the key areas of the home.

Now let’s talk about why the price is what it is.

It may sound like a lot of money, but let's dive into what that cost covers.

The truth is that stagers must pay for things too! They must pay for their furniture, any items that they may have to buy for your property specifically, warehouse rent, travel, movers, supplies, etc.

All of this can add up quickly so the cost that the client pays helps to cover the stager’s time and all the stager’s behind the scenes expenses.

We have looked at what home staging is, the potential price, and why, but now it's up to you.

I challenge you to make the best first impression!


Because your home served you well and it deserves to be shown in its best light.

So take the time to search for a home stager, spend the money on highlighting its best features so that another family can enjoy it and make memories in it too!

Blessings to you,

Lindsey Jo, M.B.A.

Saved by Grace Home Staging & Design, LLC. (owner)

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